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Wow! And a wonderful day was had! What I really enjoy about Angela's HOTPOT days are the cooking tips she gives during the classes. I find them extremely helpful in achieving success with recipes. Thanks Angela!

Many thanks to you and Jo for a lovely day on the pasta course. Everyone was made to feel so welcome, the course was very informative, great fun and I met some lovely people - all in your beautiful home. To finish the day with the opportunity to share a wonderful lunch (that we helped to make!) and enjoy a glass of wine together was a fantastic end to the whole experience. I can't wait to come back & see you for another course soon! Emma

My friend and I attended our first HOTPOT cookery session this week (Flavours of Autumn). Having attended other cookery sessions with Michelin Star Chefs, this rates up there with them. The difference in this session was that it is held in Angie’s beautiful home and was very relaxing. It also gives you the feeling that you are in a friend’s kitchen with a group of other friend’s cooking a lovely meal and learning a lot at the same time. In many ways it was a much nicer experience than the more formal lessons with top chefs. I shall defiantly be back.

Having been to 3 Hotpot sessions, I am always amazed at how I learn something new every time! In addition, the last 2 Christmases have been so successful, using Hotpot menus. I would recommend Hotpot events to anyone who wishes to improve their cooking skills.

I have attended the Hotpot Cookery School run by Angela Jordan on several occasions and heartily recommend them. The presentations lead through preparation, cooking and appearance, were easily and enjoyably understood. It was obvious that time and thought had been taken before our arrival to remove the smallest hitch. Luncheons were convivial occasions in Angela's lovely home, where we much appreciated the food cooked at the lessons. The recipes learnt at the school have raised the gourmet appeal of my dinner parties which are much praised by our guests. I happily and blushingly take the credit.

"Friendly expertise in a beautiful environment, enabled me to perfect techniques I would otherwise never have tried alone."

"Imaginatively crafted recipes, clearly demonstrated"


"Stunning suppers, superbly simplified!"

"Elevated me from a viewer to a do-er"

"Not recommended for the anti-social - you'll want the A-Z of your address book round to admire your new-found talents!"

"Angie Baby - putting the "HOT" into HotPot - szzzzzzzzzz!"

"The day would be a perfect treat to oneself or to share with a group of friends, the day was relaxed, informative and fun, it left me inspired to get back into being more adventurous with my cooking and try out new dishes at home. The day was ended with a fabulous 5* meal that had been cooked right under my eyes, together with treats like coffee and cake and tasters throughout the day"