Cookery School

About Hot Pot

HOTPOT Cookery School is the brain child of Angie Jordan who set up the cookery school in April 2010.

Angie Jordan

Angie discovered her love of food at a very early age when she would regularly cook a batch of cheese scones for afternoon tea. Later, she rekindled this passion whilst working in the travel industry, where she had the opportunity to visit various countries and experience different cultures, foods and spices and has honed her cooking skills, wowing friends with her interesting and delicious dishes.

She continued to develop her skills further and has attended various cookery schools over the years, including the famous Leith School of Cookery in London.

HOTPOT Cookery School is a truly warm and inviting place where Angie’s philosophy is that learning should always be fun and taught in a relaxed and entertaining way. For Angie, the essential ingredient for a good meal is the passion and love the food has been made with, be it a dinner party or a quick supper for the family.

Angie’s aim through HOTPOT is to inspire and send you home with new skills and exciting recipes.

Jo McCarthy

Jo has always been a keen and talented cook and is delighted to be a part of HOTPOT Cookery School. Once each season’s menus have been chosen, she “road tests” all of the recipes on the most sternest of critics – her husband and four teenage children! She then helps Angie with a thorough time trial to ensure that all the recipes can be cooked in the time allocated.

Welcomes you on your arrival, ensures that all ingredients are ready, keeps Angie on track with her time plan, serves refreshments and tidies up as we go along – in short, she ensures the smooth running of the demonstration to ensure that you get the most out of the day.

Jo and Angie have been friends for many years and she knows Angie’s kitchen better than anyone. Jo quietly beavers away in the background but Angie wouldn’t be without her! Like a good referee, if you don’t notice her, she’s done the job well!